Ywar Ngan : Undiscovered Paradise Of Myanmar For Summer Escape :

Due to the heat of the examinations and then the soaring summer temperatures in Myanmar ! It isn’t just the kids who need a summer break, but also the parents – a break from the stress of school and routine, from the rising temperatures and more importantly, a time to rediscover and strengthen a family bond. The best thing to do is to take a few days off and head to a destination that allows you to do things together and create memories for life. And, so, here’s where you should head. The perfect way to beat the summer heat is to head to the Ywar Ngan located on Mandalay-Taunggyi road (   130 km from Mandalay – Hanmyitmoe-Myogyi-Ywarngan route ) and experience a beautiful drive along winding roads that takes you into the Southern Shan Plateau  of  Myanmar, a quality coffees plantation area of Myanmar and also  exciting for a holiday with the kids. dotted with waterfalls, this beautiful hill station in in Southern Shan State will make for an idyllic escape for the entire family. With so much of serene, natural beauty around you, you will discover how calming and amazing it is just to walk around the untouched villages and meet and greet the people working in their agricultural plantation. How to get to Ywa Ngan ? Road to Ywar Ngan is built on mountain valleys and it is very fascinating to drive a car on the road to Ywar Ngan. Also, you need skilled drivers for the safety of passengers when you go to Ywar Ngan. In addition, some places on the road to Ywar Ngan are very narrow and steep, and, as a result, big automobile vehicles like commercial truck do not pass through this way. However, you may feel happy and pleasant on the way before you reach to Ywangan as there are a lot of scenic views along the road. Any public transport going to Ywa Ngan ? The public transport to Ywa Ngan is limited but there is daily mini bus going to Ywa Ngan from Mandalay .Reliable Bus to take from Mandalay to Ywa Ngan is Shwe Danu [Mandalay -Ywar Ngan ] leaving Mandalay at 08:00 am .Contact No :09-420251554, 09-257643116 The best accommodation in Ywar Ngan ? The boom in hotel building elsewhere in the country is yet to reach Ywar Ngan and accommodation options are somewhat limited : one hotel and a guesthouse, although Myanmar visitors might be able to negotiate a overnight at a monastery.but there is the best second home of your holiday in Ywar Ngan is believed to be Shwe Gue Gue hotel located on the main road to Ywar Ngan –Pindaya- Aungban and offer the reasonable room rate for clean and quiet rooms of Shwe Gue Gue Hotel . Should you need  address of Shwe Gue Gue Hotel ? Shwe Gue Gu Hotel , Pyi Htaung Su Road, Ywar Ngan Township , Ywar Ngan , Shan State ,Myanmar .Contact No :  09896502103 , 09428375740 , 09780674090,09790189001 What to see and feel around the a little town of Ywar Ngan ? Upon arriving in Ywar Ngan it is clear that the town is quiet small but also tidy and clean. The town’s restaurants, shops and teashops are clustered along the main road, which also share space with stall delicious fruit and vegetables, as well as a few selling colourful and delicate orchids, which must be found in the forests nearby. The townspeople enjoy relatively simple houses but sit inside large compounds that are packed with trees growing citrus, avocado, tea and coffee and plenty more. With its cooler climate, it comes as no surprise that Ywar Ngan is home to many orchards or that its coffee is justifiably famous in Myanmar. What to visit around Ywar Ngan ? 01- Mya Tha-Bait Blue Lake Named after its particular colour and shape, which locals believe closely resemble a special alms bowl used to make offerings to Boddha, the Mya Tha-bait lake is about 15 mile from Ywar Ngan in Taw Gyae village The lake is quite small but is blessed with glorious, clear blue water; you can even see fish darting in and out of the plants and fallen tree limbs underwater. Locals believe the water also contains lucrative properties but this is likely a myth. 02-Alawe Chaung water fall   Not far from Taw Gyae village and its blue lake, is the of Alawe Chaung waterfall, which flows for about three quarters of the year. The cool water cascades across serveral tiers as they make their way down the hillside, making for a beautiful spot to sit down and enjoy what mother nature offers or jump into the water to cool off. 03-Mainmayaw Thakinma Taung         About 20 miles toward Aung Ban from Ywa Ngan, lies a peculiarly-coloured hill that villagers have called Mainmayaw Thakinma hill. The hill takes its colour from its stone core and rises steeply off the surrounding area. In fact, the path to the summit is so steep that a steel rail has been installed to help people climb the 200-odd steps.According to local legend, a king once wandered far from his kingdom and eventually arrived at the hill and tried to marry a girl from a near by village, asking her to be his queen. The girl refused the king and tried to hide at the hill but when his guards attempted to bring her back, she committed suicide by jumping to her death. The translation of the hill’s name, therefore, is ” brave girl” hill. Pepole also believe that after her death, the brave girl became a nat spirit and protects the hill . 04- Pyadarlin cave complex With the surrounding area rich in limestone, it should come as no surprise that caves can also be found not far from Ywa Ngan. The best known of these is the Pyadarlin cave complex, about 10 miles from Ywa Ngan but down a low quality road. The road is so bad that some travellers use a road from Mandalay via Kume, Kingtar dam, which must be crossed by boat and with a further one-hour walk to Pyadarlin cave. But you can also drive  the road directly from Ywa Ngan. There are two main caves at Pyadarlin, one measuring 80 feet in length, 20 feet in width and with a 14-foot-hight ceiling.   The second cave is much larger, with five chambers reaching out about 800 feet. The biggest cave is 300 feet wide and about 90 feet high.The first cave bears evidence of human occupation from thousands of years ago, including charcoal that was dated to between 7740 and 6570 years ago. The cave also includes paintings of human hands, centipedes, elephants, fish, bulls, bison, deer and other two unknown objects. The paintings found in Pyadarlin are considered to be similar to those found in world famous Lascaux and Sonsquer caves in Spain. The result of findings at Pyadarlin earned the site a UNESCO World Heritage cultural category listing in 1996. The second cave doesn’t offer the same history but has more to offer for visitors keen to explore the stalactites and bright crystals that can be found within. Now it is time decide to discover undiscovered paradise of Myanmar for your summer escape . Should you need further information ? why not let us know around the clock.      
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