Yangon Photography Walking Tour

Go on Yangon Photography Walking  Tour with local photography fixer..

You are planning to explore Yangon through your lens . Kindly advise you to go on Yangon Photography Walking Tour with experienced local fixer .Especially we are doing walking tour to explore  Yangon’s most bustling & colorful morning market , busy harbor and train station . We specifically design the program to make you learn practical travel photography. Furthermore we are helping you to improve camera skills. Additionally we will show you the highlights of local life from an insider’s perspective in places you might not venture to by yourselves. How we make it happen and great? Through the morning I work alongside you to help you understand particular technical challenges. Furthermore we will provide artistic inspiration and most importantly, lead by example in approaching local people. This approach both opens doors and helps you take better pictures. Let me help you simple to implement tips to truly enhance your photography skills. We will really do our best to boost your confidence when taking people & places photographs.  
Yangon Photography Walking Tour

Local Ferry in Yangon .

Without doubt that is much more than just a photography tour – Yangon walking photography tour provides a unique insight into people and places around Yangon . All of the sites we visit are engaging and interesting in their own right . In addition you don’t need a fancy camera to join a walking tour; point-and-shoot cameras and smart phones can also capture amazing photographs if you know the tricks and learn the right approach.

My aim is to encourage you to see Yangon and her people in a deeper way than the usual tourist experience . Undoubtedly we will surely help you go home with great photographs to prove it.

Should you need further information? Please contact us 24/7 and if you want to learn Myanmar Photography Tour Products , kindly suggest you to visit Myanmar Photo Safari 

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