Useful tips for getting around Yangon

Getting around Yangon like local

Transportation in Yangon is becoming more reliable and inexpensive . That is easy to arrange by yourself during your stay in Yangon . There are different modes of transportation that you can rely for your sightseeings around Yangon . Going by taxi in Yangon : Getting around Yangon The best way to go around in this traffic-jammed city should be by taxi. It is the most efficient method of transportation, and if you’re traveling with friends, it can be quite cheap. But you need an air-conditioned vehicle, nice manners, clean clothes – and lose the betel. Diplomatic experience is helpful, but bargaining skills are not required. The Yangon Region Supervisory Committee for Traffic Rules Enforcement has implemented meter taxi system ,and launched a program in 2008 that was little more than a running joke among Yangon residents. Generally rates for meter taxi start from  K250 per kilometer plus K25 per minute waiting time. An average ride will cost K1500 for the first 3km or 15 minutes, so that a 10km/30-minute ride will cost K4000, with 25 percent extra added between 10pm and 5am. The most reliable meter taxis in Yangon are Grab Meter-Taxi Service & Oway Ride Meter-Taxi Service : you are suggested to download the mobile application of one of them to catch your safe and reliable taxi service in Yangon . One thing to suggest you is to bargain the rate if you are to take private taxi – The taxi fare may vary depending on the distance of your journey .For short distances, 1,5000–3,000 kyats (US$1.00–2.00) suffices. For longer journeys, such as from Yangon airport to the city centre, you’ll most likely be charged 6,000–10,000 kyats (US$4–7.50). Going by bus: Getting around Yangon A cheaper option is to take the bus. But the buses are usually quite crowded during the rush hours ( between 80:00 to 09:00 am and 4:30 to 06:00 pm ) , you’d be better off shelling out a few extra dollars and taking a taxi for convenience. A one-way journey costs 200 kyats (less than US$0.50). Going by circle train : Getting around Yangon Circular Train service in Yangon  is available. There are 11 local trains for circular services going through 37 railway stations since 05:30 am until 08:00 pm . The train fares are cheaper than the bus fares , and train ticket fare will cost around 200 kyats (less than US$0.50). Yangon Central Railways Station near Aung San Stadium is the main station in Yangon. If you are not using the train to get from A to B then it is just worth jumping on for a truly local experience. The old fashioned carriages fill up with locals from all walks of life. Observe the strange and fantastic things that people bring onto the train with them. Gaze out of the windows and watch locals farming and going about their life. By foot: Getting around Yangon Exploring Yangon is often best done by walking. Though it isn’t exactly the most pedestrian- or bike-friendly city, downtown Yangon is accessible and there are many attractions to see within a few blocks. Now it is time to decide how to get around Yangon to explore an unexplored corners of Yangon .Should you need further information ? please let us know around the clock .We will be pleased to be at your service 24 / 7 . If you are planning to explore in depth of Yangon and Myanmar as well , plese fine more prducts    
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