Visit to U Bein Bridge Amarapura Mandalay

A visit to U Bein Bridge Amarapura Mandalay

A visit to U Bein Bridge  Amarapura , Mandalay , Myanmar ( Burma )  is more than holiday because U Bein Bridge is one of Myanmar’s most famous attractions. This iconic bridge stretches out for 1.2 kilometers across Taungthaman Lake in Mandalay and draws visitors from across the world. What made the bridge famous ? It is believed that U Bein Bridge is the longest and oldest teak wood bridge in the world. As, it stretches out for 1.2 kilometers which is a pretty impressive feet seeing as it was built over 150 years ago. It is located in the old ancient capital of Amarapura . which is just 11 km away to the South of Mandalay . The bridge itself plays the major role in the everyday life of locals who cross over by either foot or bicycle to get to work or the local markets. Why the name of U Bein and its history ? “ U Bein ” was the local mayor who planned to build the bridge at that time .According to history ,After the Second Anglo-Burmese War, King Mindon “ The founder of Mandalay ” made decision to move his capital from Amarapura to Mandalay  so as to forget the bad  memory of fighting with British who won over the war and conquered the lower Burma and British stationed in Yangon .  King Mindon who planed to move his capital to Mandalay wished to show his glory and power to the his people and King Mindon wanted to build THE GREAT KINGDOM BETTER THAN YANGON ( Rangoon ) CITY  Which is occupied by British in lower Burma .So The new capital “ Mandalay was officially established in 1859 . During this relocation period, the local mayor of Amarapura, U Bein, was able to salvage some of the teak wood from the now dismantled Inwa Palace. Using over 1000 pillars, U Bein began constructing the bridge across Thaungthaman Lake in order to reduce the time it took to get to the monastic school (around a 13 mile walk). The Construction of Bridge It is learned  that this bridge was constructed over 150 years ago, it’s an extremely impressive feet of engineering. Apparently engineers measured out the placing of the pillars by counting their footsteps one by one and using traditional scaling techniques. During the  rainy season in Myanmar especially July and August , the monsoon rains often breaches over the top of the bridge due to high water lever of the lake and the lake is almost dried up during the summer season especially April and May . Nowadays the bridge is becoming famous  for not only its structure, but also for being a crucial part of the community. The bridge has remained an important passageway for over 150 years, Is U Bein Bridge worth visiting for sunrise and sunset ?? You can enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the bridge or small ferry  ( Sampan ) . If you are to take boat ride ( Sampan ) during the sunset .  Taking the private sampan for sunset will cost 12,000 kyat (for the group size of maximum 04 persons ) but taking  the private sampan for sunrise  is cheaper than sunset .Now it is time to decide to go and enjoy it . Please check the location of U Bein Bridge before your visit .If you are planning to explore in depth of Mandalay  , please check our products and contact us for any further assistance 24/7 .
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