Tips For Better Travel Photography in Myanmar

Why  travel to Myanmar for travel photography ?

Myanmar ( Burma )  known as one of the must-see destination in Asia as well as Photographers’ paradise because three is alot to explore the intact culture  , tradition , the friendly people with great smiles , scenic landscapes , lake dweller of magical water land and archaeological treasures though your lens . Those traveling to Myanmar is quite lucky to enjoy such amazing and photogenic people  , landscape and nature through their eyes and mind . If you are the photography enthusiastic , there will be more chance to make the better travel photography during your visit in Myanmar . Early morning/ late afternoon Tips for Myanmar Photography Tour A general principle in photography is that the light is best 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset everyday. This is particularly true in Myanmar because the sun is very intense. The midday sun will generally cause very harsh shadows and not very ideal lighting. These times of day are also the best for being outdoors and for going on a nice stroll. Most of my favorite photos from Myanmar were all taken at these times of day. Bringing  a tripod The one problem with shooting in low light around dawn and dusk is that you are likely to have slow shutter speeds. To overcome this I recommend having a tripod of some kind even if it is a tiny travel one. Alternatively you can often find a rock, pillar or railing to help you out. Shooting People Tips for Bettr Travel Photography in Myanmar Photographing people in Myanmar is something that you will  really enjoy but often am shy to do so. Photographing the people in the distance you’re your tele photo lens is the best way because most of the time people don’t realize that you’re taking photos. But if they see you taking photos , do not fail to give the warm smile and say “ Hello ” for pre-shooting and say “ Thank you ” in Burmese lungage as you finished shooting . Shooting Landscapes Tips for better travel photography in Myanmar My all time favorite subject for photography is landscapes . Myanmar  has amazing diversity in it’s colors and landscapes from mountains to beaches and from jungles to deserts. Along with the rich history of architecture and civilization it makes for eye candy in almost every turn one makes. Again photographing around twilight is ideal for landscapes and a tripod is a must so that you can put your aperture to have a high F stop so that the depth-of-field is maximized. Unusual angles Tips for better travel photography in Myanmar As with all photography, unusual angles can often make a shot. Especially if it’s a familiar iconic tourist place such as Shwedagon. If you can be creative, walk around and scope out some kind of unusual angle you can often get a breathtaking shot that surprises the viewer and delights their eyes. Funny signs and scenes Tips for better travel photography in Myanmar Myanmar is filled with hilarious signs and scenes that are completely foreign and novel for the Western mind. I have seen things that absolutely blew my mind such as: a truck over laden so much so that the steel body of the back is almost touching the wheels, or two men on a motorcycle carrying an entire bed frame! Being ready at any moment is crucial to capture such moments and having your camera settings prepared for fast motion is often helpful. There are a lot of interesting things and forgotten tribes in Myanmar to explore through your lens , please find Myanmar Photography Tour Packages  and let us know for any further assistnace anytime .
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