The best street foods to enjoy in Yangon

The best street foods you are to enjoy in Yangon … Myanmar known as the untouched country of Asia is well  famous for the popularity of Burmese food. There will be no regret and doubt to savor the street foods of Myanmar while you are in Yangon . Off course , Yangon is said to be the  perfect place to go on a culinary journey.Unlike in other cities of Myanmar , street food vendors in Yangon  are mobile every few hours. The face and smell of a street changes every time you walk down it. A different hour, a different menu. The best choice of street foods for you enjoy in Yangon are as follow ; 01-Mohinga One of the signaturedish of Myanmar. A hearty, pungent fish broth is flavored with lemongrass, turmeric and pepper, which swirls around slippery thin glass noodles. The fish is not immediately recognizable; it’s ground with chickpea flour to make a lusciously thick stew usually served for breakfast .The assault of flavors so early in the morning is the perfect way to start your day of Pagoda viewing. Five minutes up the road is the astounding Shwedagon pagoda, and most of the diners at Myaung Maw Daw Cho have traveled there to worship. This famous mini-chain of mohinga shops has several locations in Yangon, and for about $3 U.S. you can take home a powdered mix of the soup base. Street vendors sell mohinga all over Yangon, but here the broth is thicker, brighter, and pungent with ginger. From a food safety perspective, worth keeping in mind in Myanmar, it’s comforting to know your fish broth was at least made in a kitchen with walls. Garnish your soup with fresh cilantro and chili flakes on the table, and don’t skip out on the deep-fried crackers and scallions, which make this bowl unforgettable. You’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn for a bowl, though; mohinga usually sells out by 9 a.m. If you wish to explore and experince in depth of Yangon , kindly check Yangon Day Tours Packages at the follwing link .
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  02-Shan Noodle Salad The Shan state in Eastern Myanmar juts out to the right and shares borders with China, Laos, and Thailand. It has been a region of conflict and civil war since Burmese independence in 1948, and the influences from China are not only present in the politics, but also in the food. Shan cuisine has dozens of variations of a simple noodle dish with a thin broth of fragrant garlic and black pepper. The region’s noodles are usually of the thicker rice variety, and they’re tossed in a sweet and spicy pepper-based sauce with bits of ground pork or chicken. The red pepper sauce is reminiscent of a Thai sweet chili sauce, but here it’s more fragrant, as if mixed with Chinese five-spice powder. The best Shan Noodle House in Yangon is 999 Shan Noodle Restaurant999 Shan Noodle House Address: Junction Square and 34th St near Anawrahta Opening hours: 9am – 9pm and 6am – 7pm Phone: 01389363 03-Ei -Kya Kway A street vendors selling Ei kya kway with their bicycle going around the streets of city is one of a breakfast favorite for Burmese people .Ei-Kyar-Kway  “ Deep-fried breadsticks ”, is eaten by dipping  in tea or coffee and served with congee (rice porridge) or Myanmar’s favorite fish and noodle soup, mohinga. 04-Roti Paratha Due to Myanmar’s geographical location , Myanmar located between Indian and China . Needless to say that the influences of these two countries are partially evident in the faces of its people, customs, and, above all, in its cuisine.  Roti which mainly originated from India is well favored by Burmese People and which is in  various shapes of ghee-enriched dough are stretched out, pounded, and laid out. The round ones are topped with savory mung bean paste, the rolls are filled with an egg, and the twirled ones are drizzled with sweet condensed milk. It is hot and oily and crispy But so delicious and the taste you enjoyed will never go away from your memory .. 05-Khao Swae Toke ( Traditional Noodle Salad ) Noodle salad are usually served to morning hungry customers at the roadside stalls with larger tables and plastic chairs on the street . Khao Swae means Noodle & Toke means Salad , the most popular Burmese cuisine is often found in its Toke,and this combination is a great introduction. Wheat noodles are tossed with dried shrimp, shredded cabbage, and carrots before being dressed with fried peanut oil, chillies, fish sauce, coriander, and lime. A pickled mustard greens broth, sour and fermented, often comes on the side to balance the flavors, but it is ensured that you will never fail to finish it . 06-Samosa Toke One more “ Toke ” you are advised to enjoy is Samosa Toke which can be said to be  the  favorite savory dish in Myanmar. And also widely enjoyed by vegetarian.- The crisp pastry of the samosa triangles provides crunch. Their filling and the extra chickpea falafels provide protein and creamy weight. The shredded cabbage, finely chopped raw onions, mint, and coriander bring freshness. Add some chillies for spice, and a squeeze of lime. The final touch is heat and comfort in the form of thick masala lentil soup. There are multiple variations, but the secret to this dish is a touch of cinnamon. 07-Burmese Sweet Pancake – Bain Mont Another delicious food you should try is called Bain Mont “ Burmese Sweet Pancake ”which is usually made at streetside kitchen with  a bucket for coals, topped with an iron grate on which to hold the pan above the heat .No matter what you have done during the day, you deserves a Bain Mont which is chewy, fluffy, crispy, nutty, light, and complex at the same time. The sweet version is a glutinous rice flour pancake topped with white poppy seeds, slivered almonds, and fresh coconut slices .  So you are to  satisfy your sweet tooth.  08-Mont Lone Yay Paw Myanmar is not short on desserts. The mont lone yay paw is a close relative of many other Asian desserts. Basically, it’s a glutinous rice flour ball with sweet filling, similar to the Chinese tangyuan and the Japanese mochi. Here, they were wrapped in banana leaf and stuffed with jaggery and grated coconut. They are a traditional dessert enjoyed during Thingyan, a week-long Buddhist festival during Burmese New Year. The name for the dessert was inspired by its cooking method (boiling) and literally means “round snack on the water.”  09-Kauknyintok If you like bananas, you will like kauknyintok. (We don’t like bananas and still love kauknyintok.) Not overly sweet, the surprisingly delicate dessert involves steaming a banana leaf stuffed with banana pieces, glutinous rice, coconut cream, sugar, and salt. The flavors are subtle, and the banana melts in your mouth. 10-Dosa The dosa is another Indian trick up Myanmar’s sleeve. Originating in Southern India, the dosa is a thin crispy crepe made from a batter of rice and lentils that is allowed to ferment overnight. The fermentation process increases the nutritional benefit, and the base is naturally gluten-free. Dosa lady will  ladles her batter onto a flaming iron skillet and tops the thin layer with carrots, onions, cabbage, bean sprouts, chillies, coriander, and plenty of black pepper. The perfect pre-dinner snack.
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