The best markets to visit in Yangon ( Rangoon )

Where to shop in Yangon ( Rangoon )  ? Myanmar ( Burma )  has a unique culture whose many regions have retained their traditions over the centuries. Visiting  the street markets in Yangon  , travelers will have the opportunity to experience a simple and rustic lifestyle by integrating with the local population. The city of Yangon ( Rangoon ) boast a big number of fascinating tourist attractions covering the highlighted Shwedagon pagoda, Sule Pagoda and Colonial buildings of Yangon ( Rangoon ) . In additional to that The local marketplace inYangon ( Rangoon ) attract the international visitors where to explore  the ethnic diversity as well local production. Whether you are seeking for an idea of what to bring home or simply want to feed your curiosity of local life, there are some marketplace to explore in depth during your stay in Yangon, Myanmar ( Burma ) . 01-FOOD MARKET “SAFE FOOD FROM SAFE FARMS ” Which is located at  Myay Padethar Kyun near Shwedagon Pagoda  in Bahan Township, this market offers the  healthy, chemical free, and organic foods. The Myanmar Fruits, Flowers and Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association (MFVA) assure a guarantee of safety for all the market’s foodstuffs. There are 33 farms in the Safe Foods network that have their produce for sale. Address : Myay Padethar Kyun (near Garden Mart and Education Centre, Bahan Township. Opening Hours: Saturdays, 7.00 AM 02-BOGYOKE AUNG SAN MARKET “ General Aung San Market ” Located on the northern edge of downtown, this is the best marketplace in Yangon  to visit for all your tourists and for you all to find the best souvenirs of your holiday in Myanmar ( Burma ). It’s an extensive bazaar selling different kinds of local souvenirs , fabric and jewellery . There are many tailors here; one hidden gem is a shop upstairs on the eastern wing of the main building, which sells many beautiful clothes of Myanmar’s hundreds of ethnic groups. Address : Bogyoke Aung San Road, Downtown. Opening Hours: 8am ~ 4.30pm. closed on Mondays 03-SAN PYA FISH MARKET It is situated on the banks of the Rangoon River in west Rangoon near the intersection of Kyee Myin Daing Kannar Road and Nat Sin Street. The market has about 200 shops and 400 to 500 sellers, and 4000 to 5000 tonnes of fish are sold every week to both Yangon and other rural townships . But it will be dirty, stinky, sprawling – excellent. People travel from far afield to visit this lively fish market. A must-visit for those looking for something a little bit different. Opening Hours: 02:00 am to 08:00 am 04-THEINGYI MARKET A sprawling, lively market that is popular among the locals. It is a good market for clothes, but also sells all the commodities needed for the locals, with merchants com-ing from across the Ayeyarwady Delta to shop there. Items for sale here include rice, dried fish, cosmetics and just about every consumer product you can think of. Corner of Shwedagon Pagoda Road and Mahabandoola Road, Downtown. Opening Hours: Early morning and closes around 5pm 05-Thiri Mingalar Market Located outside Yangon, Thiri Mingalar is famous as the whole sale for fresh produce from all around the country. Many tuk tuk, trishaw, bycles in such crowded atmosphere make the market energetic and busy.  There are not many tourists visiting the site, you will have chance to capture the best local portraits or taking some interesting encounters. Address :Thiri Mingalar Market, off Bayint Naung Road, Hlaing township (NOT Old Thiri Mingalar Market) Opening Hours: 24 hours For any request for  Yangon City Touror unique sightseeing, please contact our travel expert.
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