Sila-shin or Buddhist Nuns of Burma

Sila-shin or Buddhist Nuns of Burma Buddhist Nun the Buddhist nuns in Burma called sila-shin (owner of good moral conduct), may- sila (Miss Virtue) themselves strongly identify with the Buddhist communities as far as their lifestyle and affiliation are concerned , yet their religious activities tend to center around merit making . The Sila -shin observe the ten precepts and can be recognized by their pink robes, shaven head, orange or brown shawl and metal alms bowl. The Sila – shin would also go out on alms round on uposatha days and receive uncooked foods and rice as well. The Sila – shin often reside in either separate quarters or in segregated kyaung (temple-monasteries). They do not have to look after the monks, but may help cook if required. Although ranked lower than the monks, they are not subservient to them. According to Theravada tradition, practicing Buddha’s teaching should be carried out in two ways: studying Buddhist pariyatti (scriptures), and practicing patipatti (dhamma). Burmese nuns lead a simple life, with meditation and studying Buddhist scriptures. Nuns are active in education, mostly educating other, younger nuns in nunneries.
Now who like to become Buddhist nuns in Myanmar ? Love to know your decision !!!
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