Road to Mandalay River Cruise

The luxury river cruise ship has been created by Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express from the former MS Nederland. Since 1995 this totally refurbished ship sails between Mandalay and Bagan. The ship has a swimming pool, a large sun deck, a spacious observation lounge with large windows in addition to the excellent cabin facilities, a restaurant able to accommodate all passengers in one sitting and satellite communications. Consultant designers were appointed to devise new internal and external decorative schemes in sympathy with the vessels new role and the "Orient-Express" brand.

The Road to Mandalay can accommodate a maximum of 110 passengers in 3 different cabin types. All cabins are fully air-conditioned and have en suite shower and WC facilities. Each cabin has a personal safe, telephone and satellite TV with in-house video. Sockets are suitable for 2-pin round plugs (220 volts). Hair dryers are available in. Buffet lunches are served on the observation deck or in the restaurant and at dinner attentive waiters serve you delicious courses created by our experienced chefs. The air-conditioned Observation Lounge on the main deck is a comfortable retreat during the heat of the day and the focus for the local on-board entertainment in the evenings. There is a boutique on board with a full range of gifts designed exclusively for the Road to Mandalay. The atmosphere everywhere on board is informal and friendly.

Pandaw River Cruise (Irrawaddyflotilla)

The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company in its heyday in the 1920s was the largest privately owned fleet of ships in the world. Lost in the war, the flotilla wa s revived in the mid 90s and is now the largest river cruise company in Myanmar. The company restored in teak and brass an original colonial river steamer called the RV Pandaw. This was so successful that they went on to build new two further colonial-style river ships. With great craftsmanship and wonderful local materials the Pandaw ships offer alternative standards of comfort and design finish to any other large ships afloat.

The Pandaw Concept, as it became known, offered a new travel experience quite unlike other forms of travel: combining an expedition atmosphere with an elegant base afloat. But what made the Pandaw style unique was the ability of these shallow draft ships to penetrate and explore remote areas of the country and enable real cultural exchange between the traveler and the inhabitants of the great river valleys of Myanmar.

Pandaw has offered this popular cruise to passengers seeking a shorter cruise as part of a land tour rather than for those seeking a longer river expedition. It ply four times a week between the ancient capital of Pagan with its 3000 Buddhist monuments and Mandalay the last royal capital at Mandalay. It stops for shore excursions by foot at the villages of Theingone and Yandabo where the Pandaw passengers have built schools. You will experience real village life, pot making, and agriculture and visit Buddhist monasteries. Many land travelers find our short cruises a welcome and tranquil holiday within a holiday.

Ayravata River Cruise

RV Pandaw was built in Scotland on the Clyde by the famous ships builder Yarrow & Co on 1947 with the same design of the pre-war Quarter Wheeler steamers of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. In the 1998, the vessel was converted into a tourist pleasure luxurious river cruise vessel in the Myanma Shipyard (Sinmalike) by the revived Irrawaddy Flotilla Company Ltd. and during their management docking was performed annually at the Dalla Dockyard. In the second half of the 2003, Ayravata Cruises signed the charter agreement with Inland Water Transport and the Pandaw underwent to major renovations.

Now the two ships are running under Ayravata Cruises: RV Pandaw 1947 (An original Colonial Steamer) and RV Paukan 2007 (New Charming Cruising Boutique Hotel). It offers river cruises to explore the Royal capitals around Mandalay and experience the life of the great Irrawaddy River beyond Royal Mandalay and Ancient Bagan.

Amara River Cruise

The Amara River Cruise is a traditional Myanmar riverboat traveling along the AyarwaddyandChindwinRiver. It is made of teak wood and was completely refurbished by local craftsmen in 2003. It is 30 meters / 100 feet long and with a shallow draft of 1 meter / 3 feet and two Japan made 180hp Hino engines it can go as far north as Bhamo. The Amara River Cruise has a total of seven cabins, each with their own bathroom with hot and cold shower. Communal areas, bar and canopied sun deck. Electricity is provided by a generator and battery 24 hours a day.

Safety is provided by smoke detectors in all cabins, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, life jackets and a dinghy. Amenities include on-board laundry, fully equipped kitchen and refrigerators. All bed linen and towels as well as dining service and bar equipment are provided. You will be taken care of by our friendly and hospitable staff and be able torelax and enjoy the personal atmosphere on board.

Malikha River Cruise

Malikha will provide a luxurious way to escape the stress of your daily life. We assure that the only service you will have is the pleasant kind. Malikha river ships are designed with a variety of features and intimate amenities to make you feel as convenient as home, while experiencing locals' routine and lives. Travel from one exciting destination to the next in the comfort of exquisitelyupholstered chairsand sofas, while you enjoy expansive views of the ever-changing scenery and while sipping yourfavorite beer or cold drinks.Malikha river cruise arrange chartered cruise upon request for Bhamo, Katha, Mingun and others.

R.V Mahaythi River Cruise

Based on an antique rice and sand carrying barge,'RV Mahaythi I' is almost totally constructed from Thingan wood and furbished with Golden Teaks. Upper deck includes an air-conditioned lounge and dining area that is inspired by turn of the century colonial architecture. It can accommodate up to 20 clients for dinning. Below deck could also accommodate 4 to 10 passengers in the relaxation style. 'RV Mahaythi III' is almost totally constructed with Golden Teaks. Upper Deck includes dining lounge area for 70-90 passengers' day trips and dinner cruises that is inspired by turn of the century traditional architecture.

Below deck will have 5 bed rooms to accommodate 10 passengers for overnight trips which consist of 1 Double bed room with air-con and bath room attached and 4 Twin bed rooms with air-con & bath room attached. Both vessels are serving the day trips to Twante, sunset and dinner cruises along Yangon River, trip between Yangon and capital of Ayarwaddy Delta - Pathein (NgweSaung Beach) and MeinmahlaKyun(Island) wild life Sanctuary.

Belmond Orcaella

This is a majestic cruise of excellent Orcaella that will travel through the most dramatic and adventure scenery of Chindwin River and also mighty Ayeyarwady River between Yangon and Bhamo, bringing up to you the most valuable quintessence of Myanmar regarding of culture, tradition, inhabitant, nature and so on. The cruise is setup with outstanding facilities and services, highlighted design, and reasonable itineraries that will definitely meet your demand, and always get willing to dedicate our best as a trusty partner on the way exploring mystical Myanmar.


Belmond Orcaella is an intimate river cruiser that glides along Myanmar's two main rivers, the Chindwin and Ayeyarwady.

From the panoramic windows of your cabin you'll enjoy snapshots of life on the shores of these important waterways.

Leave the ship to experience the country up close. Witness the shimmering temples that dot the landscape and join off the beaten track explorations to remote regions. Wander through hilltop villages, taste freshly prepared street food and hunt for the perfect souvenir in the bustling markets.

Sanctuary Ananda or Danctuary Retreats

December 2014 will mark the appearance of the Sanctuary Ananda for the first time on Myanmar waterway. Being a favored construction of the two local brothers, the ship is made of traditional materials, shaped a style of a specific high-qualified ship. Presenting as a luxurious-all-suite ship, Sanctuary Ananda shares its 20 spacious suites on three decks, the Aloungpayah suite, a sundeck with an outdoor pool and the Kansi panorama lounge.


The most worth-longing-for part of the ship is its cheerful itinerary, travelling along the imposing Ayeryarwady River, through favorite cities including Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay with many other highlight attractions of Myanmar, to come and to enjoy the sacred temples, pagodas, palaces and monasteries. Apart from that, we promise to guide you to every corner of Myanmar – through jungles, long-lost villages, and ancient towns in remote areas

Anawrahta Cruise

The Irrawaddy River in Myanmar is a source of permanence and optimism in the country. Get a taste of what awaits you in this area with our luxury cruise Anawrahta which will surely bring you the most excellent onboard experience. This extraordinary vessel is named after a monk who was renowned for his bravery and insight contemplations. Anawrahta Cruise is the blend of the cleanliness and tranquility of the Buddhist beliefs together with the lavishness of the British Empire. It can be said to be the perfect choice to travel around the mighty Irawaddy River. Resembling a British paddle steamer, Anawrahta is 65 meters in length and featuring 3 roomy decks with 23 well-appointed cabins. Traveling with Anawrahta, tourists will be able to step back in time to an era of long-gone sophistication.

The Strand Cruise

The Stand Hotel was long ago popular among other hotels, which was told to be the most first-class and splendid hostel of Suez and fostered by royalty, notability and wealthy magnates. The event of 1988 of changing its owner and huge restoration made a turn for this Stand Hotel to be way more reputable like it is today.

The year of 1993 marked an imposing back in operation of the hotel that worked as an all-suited, luxury hotel. And with its excellent performance, the Strand Hotel has just had its name stand strong on the list of world’s top hotels in general, and on Yangon City Heritage List in particular.

In the coming years, the Stand Hotel is announcing its brand-new Strand Cruise which is well designed in traditionally glorious style and one-of-a-kind features. The cruise is promisingly bringing about the most pleasant comfort, satisfying professional manner, out-standing services, and priceless enjoyable atmosphere to serve you all the way, in every journey. The cruise is well-equipped with cutting-edged facilities and technologies to treasure your most important events in life, including international-standard air conditioner and satellite wireless network within the ship.

Alliance Myanmar River Cruise

Alliance Myanmar River Cruise (RV PANORAMA I & RVPANORAMA II) is genuinely the first luxury day cruise in Myanmar on the legendary River Ayeyarwaddy. PANORAMA I is a custom-built by local architect in early 2013 to offer an extraordinary level of comfort and satisfaction to our guests. To fulfil the market requirements, RV PANORAMA II follows her sister in 2016 October.

A 113-ft-long, with a breadth of 14 ft, "RV. PANORAMA I" can accommodate 70 passengers, while “RV. PANORAMA II”, which is 95 ft long and 15 ft in breadth can bring 54 passengers along the wondrous river cruise.

The comfort of adjustable chairs are in the fully air-conditioned main deck Cabin built of teak. Bar on upper deck awaiting you with the selection of drinks and a fine dining restaurant with well-trained crew members will serve you with high standards of excellence along the trip. Enjoy the passing spectacular scenery along the world's famous Ayeyarwaddy River by relaxing on traditional easy chairs on the sun deck.

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