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Photography Tips For Burma Festivals

Photography Tips for Myanmar Photography Tours for Myanmar Festivals

Travel to Burma for Burma Photographs

Travel to Burma  is to go on photography tour  in search of the best festivals  of Burma . If you’re a festival lover and photographer , your private photography tour in Burma is the best photographic journey of your life . It is because You will experience  the incredible  Burma festivals through your lens . Furthermore  there will be a few  photography tips for Burma Festivals Photography tips for Myanmar Photography Tours An impressive array of religious, cultural and bizarre festivals fill the Myanmar calendar. These events can be extremely rewarding for travel photographers, but they demand a certain amount of skill: you have to work fast and often in crowded conditions. However, with a little effort you can take home a number of memorable pictures – and have a good time. Photography Trips for Burma Festivals

01-Be prepared

The single most important part of photographing a festival is to make the plan superficially  in advance. you are to find  out what is happening and when;. collect the precise and update  information from a number of sources.

02-Find the right spot at right time

Any festival  you are planning to attend and enjoy for photographing , the  major key is to get a good position at right time . Otherwise you may end up in a sea of people and only come away with photos of the back of someone’s head. So you are to be at the right place earlier than other photographers and local people as well . It is because you are to take a few moments to do location survey to check the best spots where you can make the great picture like no others .Finding a high vantage point is important to  shoot from a distance with a telephoto lens. If there are no restrictions, then carry a small camera bag and push to the front. Close-up pictures taken with a telephoto lens can give a real sense of the action. Photography Tips for Burma Festivals

03-Prepare and bring the proper gears

Festivals can be a hostile place for both you and your equipment. Dust, crowds, water –So you are to decide the most proper lens and gears that you should prepare and bring to festival ground . It  is because you will have the concerns over some of your unnecessary gears that will be with you at festival ground . Carry a spare set of batteries, and also memory cards. And bring a bottle of water and even a couple of energy bars. There is no point in having a spare set of batteries if you are too exhausted to keep going.

04-Work the light

Light conditions can be tricky and beyond your control at a festival. You can be faced with contrasting midday light, overcast light or deep shadow. The light shines directly from ahead when shooting in bright conditions in the middle of the day. This produces unflattering deep shadows, especially when taking portraits. Use fill-in flash to lighten the shadows; even a simple compact camera has this setting – usually called ‘flash-always on’ or ‘forced flash’. In low light conditions, select a faster ISO sensitivity if using digital. Set the white balance to ‘cloudy’ to remove the blue cast that occurs when working in shadows. Higher sensitivity allows you to choose a higher shutter speed to avoid the camera shake or subject blur that can occur at fast-moving events. A busy festival is not the time to be fiddling with your equipment. Although it doesn’t produce the best exposure, consider shooting with your camera set on ‘automatic’ and use ‘autofocus’. This way you won’t miss the action while fumbling with your aperture at key moments.

05-Face the crowd

Photography Tips for Burma Festivals Festivals are an excellent time to take portraits. People are relaxed and happy and more open to being approached than during their day-to-day lives. Celebrations also attract a wide range of individuals, making it possible to photograph a whole array of people in one place. A telephoto lens allows you to get in close and take a frame-filling shot, whereas a wide lens places your subject in their environment, producing a picture that says more about them and where they are. Always ask before taking someone’s picture, even if it is just with a smile. You will be rewarded with a more characterful picture –and a friendly encounter. Digital is wonderful for portraits as you can show people the results instantly. In conclusion , Photographing festival in Myanmar is challenging but there will be fantastic experience and the great fun you will have . Now it is your turn to make right decision to make the best festival photos of Myanmar . Should you need to explore in depth of Myanmar ? there are a lot of interesting things and intact culture in Myanmar to discover through your lens ? , Kindly inform you to  check  Myanmar Photography Tour Packages .      
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