Marble Street Mandalay Myanmar

Marble Street Mandalay Myanmar Mandalay (Myanmar/Burma) is well  known for its culture and handicrafts , among other things, for it’s marble statue craft. . Mandalay Marble Street is one of the famous places to visit . Moreover Mahamuni Pagoda located next to Marble street Mandalay is worth visiting . When you are walking around the marble street , you will find workshops lining the street . The stone sculptors are carving and sculpting the finest white marble to make  Buddha statues of all sizes . The marble is mined in quarries not far from Mandalay. A cloud of fine dust lingers over the area . A walk along the street is a fascinating display of hundreds of statues in various stages of  processing, from blocks of marble with rough cuts to final polished statues. Marble street Mandalay Myanmar Especially for photographers to photography around marble street ,  we would like to  suggest you to  use the rain cover for dust protection . And please don not think about changing lenses there! because  Men seem to do most of the carving work, women do the finishing (polishing), after which the statues are painted and decorated with gold leaf. . Before an important piece of work will get carved an astrologer will get consulted to pick an auspicious day, the stone will be blessed with holy water and offerings will be made. Getting to Marble street : we kindly advise you  to take the taxi from your hotel in Mandalay .Taxi fare will cost around 8,000 kyats and 12,000 kyat for two ways ( back and forth ) . We sincerely  advise you to check the location of Mandalay here and to explore in depth of Mandalay , please consider our products .  
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