Getting to Inle Lake Myanmar ( Burma )

Getting to Inle Lkae Myanmar

What of Inle Lake?
It’s very beautiful and could well be the highlight of your holiday in Myanmar .The lake and it's surrounding areas are absolutely breathtaking . Famous for its floating Inle and gardens .The way of life of the local lake dwellers , with their living communities based entirely on the water is unique. Touring around this magnificent Inle Lake will be more than holiday .


Getting to Inle Lake Myanmar
How to find a boat driver to tour the lake ?

You can either hire a boat driver directly from your hotel or at one of the many privately owned tourist agencies throughout Nyaung Shwe which is a little town the major gateway to Inle Lake . The price to hire the boat for a day will be around 20'000 kyat – 30'000 kyat, depending on what you would like to see. Most boat drivers will do a similar route around the lake. Trips can be tailored so it's advantageous to know what there is to see and what you would like to discover so you can tell your boatman about your preferences and expectations as well .


Getting to Inle Lake Myanmar

When to get the day started ?

You are suggested to start your day early, before the big mass of tourists start their day. Between 7am and 7.30am is recommended . The boatman will pick you up at your hotel and you will board a slender wooden canoe fitted with long-tailed extremely loud motors.

The fisherman of Inle Lake  .

The Intha fishermen of Inle Lake have quite the unusual fishing technique for catching fish in the shallow waters. Inle Lake fishermen have a curious eyes and unique rowing style, which consists of standing on one leg on the extreme of the boat and wrapping their other leg around the the oar.
This upright position has a number of advantages: standing on the end of the boat enables them to have a better view to lead the way better and they can see across the lake. Also they can spot the bubbles fish make in the water a lot easier. As they row with their leg, they have their hands free which allows them to collect the fishing net.

Visit to Indein “ The hidden treasure of Inle Lake “

One of a MUST SEE ATTRACTION OF INLE is Indein. Indein is a village near Inle Lake accessible by boat during and right after rainy season via the Inn Thein creek, a long narrow canal. The ride up to Indein is absolutely scenic.
Once you get to the village you'll have to walk about 1km to reach the many ancient pagodas. The walkway is lined with stalls where vendors sell Shan shoulder bags, longyis, shirts and other items.
On top you will see as far as the eye can reach: Stupas. Stupas in many shapes and sizes and in various states of preservation. While some have been restored, others are in their original crumbling state. Absolutely amazing!

For further information , why not contact us  to help you highlight the hidden jewels of Inle Lake to make your holiday beyond ordinary . Find us the map of Inle lake and enjoy the beauty images of Myanmar ( Burma )

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