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The Best Local Foods To Enjoy in Mandalay

Join Day Tours Mandalay Myanmar  to enjoy the best local foods in Mandalay !

Mandalay known as culture city , has the many famous pagodas and ancients cities to visit . Furthermore Mandalay which is geographically located in the center of Myanmar , famous for local foods . You will regret yourself for failure to try local foods while you are in Mandalay . Here are some must-try local foods you must try during day tours in Mandalay . Mandalay Mont Thi day tours Mandalay myanmar Mont Ti or Nan Gyi thoke ( Nangi salad) is the most popular food in Mandalay . Especially  all Burmese  never say No to eat Nan Gyi Thoke whenever they are in Mandalay . Nan Gyi Thoke is prepared and made with the mixture of cooked chicken. And  some flavors  of onions , Pae Mont ( kinds of powder made by green gram ) and coriander leaf are added to make the Noodle Salad more tasteful . The noodle has different sizes such as large, medium or small. Burmese people prefer to enjoy Mont Ti as breakfast. It is usually served to the guests in donation ceremony and birthday events. Mandalay Mee Shay day tours Mandalay myanmar Mee Shay is one of the favorite foods for people in Mandalay .The Mee Shay is a dish of rice noodles mixed in a meat sauce. A pork leg is slow cooked in clay-pot and serves as a perfumed broth to cook the rice noodle. A sauce made of coriander, garlic, soya bean sauce, rice sauce and chili oil is then added to mix to give it a kick One of the most recommended Mee Shay in Mandalay is 89 Mandalay Mee-Shay is only operating on weekends at lunch time. Reservation: 09 797 637497 Fried Cricket day tours mandalay myanmar The locals call it “Pa-Yit Kyaw”; with “Pa-Yit” meaning cricket and “kyaw” meaning fried. If you are a fried cricket lover, Why not try fried cricket in Mandalay ? Actually which is locally called Pa-Yit Kyaw”; with “Pa-Yit” meaning cricket and “kyaw” means  fried  Especially Friend cricket will not be available around the year except rainy season. The cricket is fried with lots of spices. ? Most people remove the wings and then take off the legs. Some say the legs are the best bit, but watch out for the sharp spikes that are on them that can cut the inside of your mouth.I am sure it will be much more delicious than other places.  Mont Taing Chong It used to be a royal food of ancient Mandalay Kings. The food originally comes from theThailand. Later, it becomes traditional food in Mandalay. The main ingredients are the egg, wheat and sugar. This snack usually enjoys with the sauce. It almost disappeared but now you can get it famous tea shops in Mandalay. Tea Leaf Salad or Lahpet Thoke day tours mandalay myanmar If you lived in Myanmar and a friend popped in to visit, this is the snack you’d serve. Lahpet, which means “green tea,” and thoke, which means “salad,” is an eclectic mix of flavors and textures that includes soft, pickled tea leaves, crisp, roasted peanuts and other crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds, fried galic and, if you like, dried shrimp and chopped tomato. It’s meant to be served with all the ingredients in separate piles so that guests can pick out a combination to their own preference each time they grab a handful. While nowadays the salad is typically served as a final course at the end of a meal, historically lahpet was an ancient symbolic peace offering that was exchanged and consumed after settling a dispute between warring kingdoms. Letting each person customize his or her salad toppings, sounds like a perfectly democratic way to stop an argument! That way everyone is at least somewhat satisfied in the end. Lahpet is so important to the culture that Burmese people always serve this dish with the tea leaf salad to the guest. But, Bay Dar Shwe kyar is the famous brand in Mandalay. It offers a different type of tea leaf like spicy or sweet. It is like a souvenir for the local visitor that you must bring to the home. Now it is your time to decide to enjoy the best foods in Mandalay and choose the popular day tours in Mandalay and more products in Myanmar .  
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