Ananda Pagoda Festival Bagan 2019

Enjoy Ananda Pagoda Festival  Bagan , Myanmar ( Burma ) like local !

  • Festival Time:  from full moon day to the end of Pyatho month ( January )
    Duration: 09 days
  • Festival date :  12th  -20th Jan 2019
  • The main festival date : 20th Jan 2019
    Location: Ancient Bagan , near Ananda Pagoda:
  • Meaning of festival : The festival is held for social gathering, reunification, propagation and perpetuation of the Buddhism.
 Ananda Pagoda Festival Bagan

Monks and novices lining up at Aanda Pagoda Festival

What is Ananda Pagoda Festival Bagan ?

Esepcially Ananda Pagoda Festival is one of the most famous pagoda festivals in Bagan, Myanmar . Generally we, Burmese people annually and  continuously hold Ananda Pagoda Festival since the Bagan period .Festival date comes around in January or early February  based on Myanmar calendar  . Burmese people celebrate Ananda Pagoda Festival  to raise the fund for the upkeep of Bagan’s thousand-year-old temple. Moreover  stalls and shops surrounding the temple sell everything from food to agricultural implements.

Who enjoy Ananda Pagoda Festival ?

Villagers from around Bagan come toAnanda Pagoda Festival in traditional bullock carts and arrange camps for the whole duration of the festival. What's more many famous local theatrical troupes also come to provide entertainment for the festival goers. During the festival, 1,000 monks perform continuous chanting of Buddhist scriptures for 72 hours.

When is the festival date?

Ananda Pagoda Festival is fallen on 20th Jan 2019 .

What is offered to monks and noices ?

As dawn breaks on the Fullmoon Day of Pyatho ,the pilgrims give donations to all Buddhist monks and novices lining up in pagoda complex of Ananda Pagoda Festival .

Ananda Pagoda Festival Bagan

Bullocart coming to Ananda Pagoda Festival in Bagan

Is Ananda Pagoda Festival the dream of photographer ?

A  visit to Ananda  Pagoda Festival in Bagan , Myanmar is  the big expectation  for photographers who want to make the best photograph of local festival in Bagan because that is one of the colorful festival of Myanmar to enjoy nature , cluture  ,  people and religious activities at the same time .

Importatn to reliaze  : We sincerly suggest all visitors coming to enjoy Ananda  Pagoda Festival not to  to choose hotels that are close to festival ground  because hotels near festival ground are very noisy and dusty .

For those who like to explore in depth of Bagan during the pagoda festival , why not contact us to customize your holiday and more  expert tips  for travel photography tours in Myanmar for photographers traveling to Myanmar ( Burma ). To enjoy the images of wonderfful Myanmar , kindly inform you to watch the movie of Myanmar Photo safari .


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