Festival in myanmar

Myanmar is the land of Festivals; a festival for every month of the year. Majority of the festivals are cultural and religious. Here are The Special Festivals besides the annual Festivities at the Pagodas throughout Myanmar

Month Festivals
Manaw Festival in Myitkyina
Ananda Temple Festival in Bagan
Independence Day
Naga New Year Festival
Chinese New Year
Religious festival and Trade fair at Shwe Sat Taw Pagoda,Min Bu
Kyaik Kyauk Pagoda festival, Thanlyin
Saying prayers festival or ‘Paya Zee Pwe’ at Mahaumuni,Mandalay.
Fire wood preparation festival, Kayin ethnic
Union Day
Maw Tin Zune Pagoda,Hi kyee city
Festival of sprit Ko Gyi Kyaw, Pa Kan city & Yae Za Gyo city
Peasants Day
Festival of ‘Inn Taw Gyi’Pagoda
Festival of ‘Za Lon’,Za Lon city
Shwe Oo Min Festival,Pindaya
Kakku Pagoda Festival
Full moon day, Tabaung or Pagoda festival,at Shwedagon Rice offering ceremony(offering of Sone Zan Sein to monks)
at Shwedagon Festival of honor to Bouddha,at Shwedagon
Armed Forces Day
Thingyan (Water) Festival & Myanmar New Year
Workers day
Kasone Full moon day,throwing water festival to sacred Banyan tree (Festival for Bouhdda birthday,his enlightenment & entering to Nirvana)
Lighting festival,Taung Yo ethic,Pindaya city
Shitt Thaung Pagoda festival,Myauk Oo
Thi Ho Shin Pagoda’s Festival,Pakkoku
Religious examination for monks
Festival of dam sprit protector,Mandalay
Buddhist saying prays festival,Dhamasatkya Festival of robe weaving competition, or Waso robe Shin Pin Za Gyo Pagoda
festival,Salary city Festival of feeding fishes,Pwint Phyu City,Magwe Division
Religious festival at ShweZi Gone & Ananda,Bagan
Martyr’s day
Festival of ‘Shwe Kyun’ sprit,Mandalay
Festival of pagoda Lawkananda,Bagan
Festival of ‘Shin Na Pa’, TaungByone,Mandalay
Taung Pyone Festival
Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle
The Thadingyut Festival or Festival of Lights
Elephant Dance Festival
Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi
Tazaung-daing or Festival of Lights
Robe-weaving Contest in Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwezigon Pagoda Festival in Bagan
Kyaik hti-yo Nine thousand lamps Festival
Popa Guardian Spirits Festival
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